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It's 2014 and I'm banging my head against a wall. I desperately need professional photos for the online boutique I started. I couldn't consistently afford a photographer, so I saved up and purchased a Nikon D320. 

Through LOTS of trial and error [and many youtube videos] I was able to take my own product photos. Learning photography has hands down been a game changer for my business. I can confidently say these skills helped my business make it's first million dollars in sales.

The idea for Carleen came about when I was looking for a cute camera bag. I didn't need a heavy duty bag or one with a bunch of compartments. All the bags I looked at were easily $200+. Way out of my price range. 

It was obvious to me what was needed. A bag that was affordable, fashionable and still lightweight. After finding a manufacturer and lots of sampling, I'm super excited to have launched our first line. 

Now, you may wonder where the name ''Carleen'' came from. I named it after my grandmother. She grew up through the great depression, WW2, and was a faithful farm wife. She taught me to persevere and be stubborn in going after my dreams.

I hope this inspires you to never let what sets your soul on fire die. YOU are worth the time and commitment to fulfill your goals. Never forget that. 



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